1982-1983 - Peugeot Michelin - Pro Team Jersey

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1982-1983 - Peugeot Michelin -  Pro Team Jersey

Perhaps the most recognisable foreign legion cycling jersey ever!

Name used by an Australian journalist, Rupert Guinness, for the band of British, Australian and Irish riders who graduated from Peugeot’s amateur team, ACBB, to the Peugeot team. of 1982-1983. Graham Jones of Manchester in 1979 followed in 1980 by the Scottish racer Robert Millar and Phil Anderson from Australia. Irishman Stephen Roche joined Peugeot-Esso-Michelin in 1981. In 1982 the team swapped the ESSO logo for Shell. Another Brit, Sean Yates joined in 1982, followed by another Aussie, Allan Peiper, in 1983.

Size: 4

Produced by Bovis in Paris.
Made in France.

Worn by a professional rider.