Vandystadt Collection

Founded in 2019
A well-established collector of cycling legacy. A gallery to share the soul of riders, all jerseys worn by professionals. With a special tribute to French cycling.

All jerseys guaranteed 100%.
Provenance is key.

We put great value on getting each jersey directly from the cyclist or his family. We maintain close contact with journalists, photographers, sport directors, commissaires, mechanics, masseurs, soigneurs, collectors, auction houses to obtain the guarantee of a jersey worn by the rider.

There is nothing better than a worn, torn or mud-splattered jersey because it expresses the soul of cycling, each jersey helps us identify and trace the history of a race. 

Passion Collection
We already think about the next one, this jersey that we are looking for, years of research are sometimes necessary to find the rare pearl, it can become obsessive of this authentic fabric worn by a professional cyclist who rocked our childhood.

We love cycling 
Collecting is in all of us, I fell in love with cycling at a very young age, this passion has never left me, or almost, where you can spend hours in front of your television watching the cyclists. I remember that I loved to read the newspaper l'Equipe for its reports of the race of the day before, I remember my first Tour de France in 1982, I was 11 years old. Olivier Vandystadt