Biciclissima: We would never have imagined collecting on the history of cycling, I often wonder when a collection ends, never! Collectibles are always coming up, the choice is so vast, bikes, jerseys, bottles, caps, posters, trophies, etc.

We wanted to share our passion through this creative platform to expose a part of our cycling collectibles.  Often, memories return suddenly for each of us! 

Our Goal: To pay a vibrant tribute to this captivating sport and to all those who have contributed to the history of cycling.

Indeed, nothing would be possible to build a collection without calling upon the cycling legends and teammates of this sport, mechanics, frame builders, photographers, historians, masseurs, collectors, journalists, and team staff!

Celebration of the world’s iconic racing bicycles, famous frame-builders, component manufacturers and vintage cycling jerseys. Dedicated to fans and collectors!

Collecting: This platform is also a way to buy collectibles that we sometimes put on sale, please look carefully at the photos to determine the condition.