1961 - Alcyon-Leroux - Time Trial / Six-Day race

1961 - Alcyon-Leroux - Time Trial / Six-Day race

1961 - Alcyon-Leroux - Worn jersey for Time Trial and Six-Day race.

The French brand Alcyon was founded in 1903. Initially a bicycle manufacturer, it diversified in 1905 by creating the Alcyon cycling team. It supplied a large number of racing cyclists until the end of 1961. Alcyon bicycles went on to win the greatest cycling events of the modern world, including 14 Tours de France, 12 Paris-Roubaix and 13 Bordeaux-Paris.

A small manufacturer based in the western suburbs of Paris, Alcyon was to become the most successful pre-war brand. Its annual successes in the Tour de France earned it the nickname « intrepid Alcyon ». Top riders such as Gustave Garrigou, Nicolas Frantz, Lucien Petit-Breton, Octave Lapize, Henri Pélissier and André́ Leducq would ride for the brand. Alcyon has become a legendary brand that still thrills cycling enthusiasts today.

The Alcyon team made a comeback in 1961 for its final year in the professional peloton, thanks to the persistence of Leroux chicory. The glorious years of the LEROUX teams and their champions enlivened the international pelotons from 1956 to 1966, with a total of 495 victories!