Weekly "But & Club" special Tour de France 1950

Weekly "But & Club" special Tour de France 1950

This photo appeared on the front cover of But et Club magazine's supplement to issue 192 of June 1950, presenting the Tour 1950. Paradoxically, the winner of the 1950 Tour was... Ferdi Kubler. In short, it was Kubler who cried and Ferdi who laughed!

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This photo was taken during the sixteenth stage from Cannes to Briançon in the 1949 Tour de France. The two Italian champions Coppi and Bartali were about to set the race alight in the Alps. But a Swiss rider, Ferdi Kubler, tried his luck, attacking uphill and downhill.

The Helvetian rider punctured his bike for the first time and had to repair it himself. It was on this occasion that he brandished his pump, but the "Fou ardent", as he was nicknamed in the magazine, was not at the end of his troubles because he...punctured another time!

And despite the help of his mechanics this time, he had to let the two Italians go.
He finished more than a quarter of an hour behind Bartali in Briançon.