Set of 4 catalogues relating to the exhibitions COLUMBUS CONTINUUM 1919 - 2019

Set of 4 catalogues relating to the exhibitions COLUMBUS CONTINUUM 1919 - 2019

In the second half of the year Columbus (1919 – 2019) is celebrating its 100th Anniversary with a series of exhibitions in order to narrate the many stories composing this unique entrepreneurial scenario.

Columbus continuum: 100 years of a steel manufactory in Milan, is the title of a series of exhibitions and activities, which will develop over the course of one year, displaying one hundred years of Columbus, an Italian metallurgical company specialized in the production and processing of metal tubing in its various applications

The four exhibitions, reunited under the name Columbus continuum. 100 years of a steel manufactory in Milan, have been planned to set and show the company from four different perspectives and industries: tubular furniture; steel series for bicycle frames; the great innovation and research content of the company that lead it to collaborate to amazing goals and achievements (from airplanes to cars and riding machines); the constant focus on art and design.

The whole series is hosted in Milan by Antonio Colombo Art Gallery, a landmark in figurative avant-garde for more than 20 years.
Here the exhibitions details:

1. Flessibili splendori: Columbus and the tubular furniture. (48 pages)
September 25th 2019 – October 26th 2019

2. Anima d’acciaio: Columbus and the bicycle design (50 pages)
November 7th 2019 – December 5th 2019

3. Dentro il tubo: Columbus and technological innovation in special tubing production (66 pages)
January 16th 2020 – February 15th 2020

4. Traguardo volante: Columbus and Cinelli, crossing the line between art and bicycle (182 pages)
February 27 2020 – March 28th 2020

Additional details:

Columbus Continuum: Flessibili Splendori
This first exhibition narrates about the exceptional production season of rationalist metal tubular furniture created by the company A. L. Colombo, during the 1930s and 1940s. All the exhibitions will take place at Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea gallery, a 20-years-point of reference in Milan for contemporary figurative art. The exhibition will be open to public from September 26th to October 26Th 2019.

TRAGUARDO VOLANTE. Columbus and Cinelli: art and bicycles
This is the third exhibition, In the dictionary of cycling, traguardo volante means an intermediate passage along the route of a race; the first rider to cross it will not necessarily win the race, but will obtain bonus seconds, a particular prize and perhaps, as in the past, some typical local foods.
With this forceful and in some ways light-hearted image, the final stage of the route is reached, on the way to the definitive finish line. A race on two wheels and two legs to celebrate the centenary of a legend of Italian industry, Columbus, and the unique style and contemporary taste of Cinelli in the world of cycling.