Alfredo Binda Toe Straps NOS

Alfredo Binda Toe Straps NOS

Alfredo Binda Toe Straps NOS.

New Old stock from the 1970’s – 1980’s.

Alfredo Binda toe clip straps were always one of the most preferred brands to use with Campagnolo road and track pedals. These straps are incomparable in quality.

Color: Black with Gold lettering.

New Mint In Original Package.

In 1958, Cinelli began to commercialize the first modern foot straps, the so-called "Binda" model. Invented by the mechanic of the champion of Cittiglio (Varese), Ugo Bianchi, they were improved by his son Dino. The quality of the leather and the stainless-steel buckle body, in addition to the bronze roller, made the product a market leader until the introduction of the quick release, over thirty years later.